The TRIP     

 THE TRIP is a fully immersive workout experience that combines a 40-minute multi-peak cycling workout with a journey through cinema-created digital worlds.


 TRX Suspension Training body weight exercise can improve mobility and stability, increase metabolic results, build lean muscle, and develop functional strength.


Cardio Barre: Barre Amped Up! We took our barre class and added cardio intervals upping the burn.
True Barre: Blends ballet, yoga and Pilates using a ballet barre, mat and some toys (light weights, balls, and/or bands) with the goal of producing long, lean muscles. This class is designed to tone, strengthen and lengthen your core, legs, hips, arms, and glutes.
Barre Flow: Combination of Barre while finding your zen. This sculpting class will get you flowing through a Vinyasa sequence designed to decompress while toning your entire body through barre-inspired movements.
Barre Fusion: This is a fun and energizing workout combing elements of other workout modalities to keep it fresh while getting you long and lean!

HIIT the Floor!

High intensity interval training - You never know what you will be doing, but we guarantee that you will leave drenched and smiling. Combo of cardio intensive moves and strength.

Guided Meditation

Our bodies and minds have the powers of self-healing and manifestation.  The instructor uses mindfulness and other awareness and relaxation techniques to guide the mind of the group into a single-pointed center within. Gradually, participants find themselves entering an inner space of deep stillness and peace as the mind is guided into the brain frequency associated with meditation and higher sensory perception.  Expect to leave feeling lighter, buoyant, and expanded in your heart space.

Yoga and Meditation

After a 45 minute Yoga class and 15 minute meditation, we promise you will leave with a warm heart after engaging the body and mind.


namaSLAY is not your mama's yoga. It's a mix of traditional yoga poses, plyometrics, utilizing weights, resistance bands and other typical fitness accessories for maximum burn. This high-intensity workout will definitely get your heart rate pumping, and you'll have fun in the process with a variety of high-tempo beats to keep you motivated!


Feel like hitting something? Join us for the mix up of total body, fat blasting cardio workout, BOXING style! This class uses weighted hand gloves, BOB’s and a variety of equipment to channel your inner boxer!


Sweat. Sculpt. Rock. This is the world’s first cardio jam session inspired by the infectious, energizing and sweat-dripping fun of playing the drum! Join in on this awesome workout and unleash the rockstar within!

Rhythm Rhyde

A beat-bumping, heart-pounding, sweat fest! You'll kill calories and shred your upper and lower body to fun and upbeat playlists. Tap it back and push it down in this high energy class riding to the beat and engaging your entire body - dance party style!

Rhythm Rhyde Fusion

Take 30 minutes of Rhythm Ride and 30 minutes of Barre, TRX, and toning. Sweat it out in this fusion style class! 


RPM is a group indoor cycling workout where you control the intensity. It’s fun, low impact and you can burn up to 675 calories a session. With great music pumping and the group spinning as one, your instructor takes you on a journey of hill climbs, sprints, and flat riding.


This Fusion class is a terrific, functional and powerful class combining TRX with the TRIP. Perfect for those on the fast track to reaching their health and fitness goals.


Kettlebells are a great versatile piece of equipment to work multiple muscle groups simultaneously, developing strength, muscular endurance and efficient caloric expenditure that can be beneficial for anyone no matter the level of fitness. With so many benefits, it's time to get swinging!

Limitless Lift, Sculpt and Burn

Our signature class!  We take elements from our class offerings to keep your experience fresh and fun.  This class has a little bit of everything to burn, sweat and sculpt your way to becoming the best you!  We incorporate weights, Kettlebells, stepper, jump ropes, bands and your own body to achieve awesome results!

*Quick Cut is a 30 min version

Performance Cycling

Get your performance driven cycling class using our Stages Sc3 monitors to track all of the metric elements you seek! Led by enthusiast dudes who love to ride!

Power Vinyasa Yoga

This yoga links breath and movement. It is a dynamic, flowing practice which cultivates strength, flexibility, balance, focus and endurance. It tones and sculpts the entire body allowing for rapid results.

Sprint by Les Mills

A high intensity, low impact workout, it's scientifically proven to return rapid results. This 30 minute workout drives your body to burn calories for hours. You combine bursts of intensity, where you work as hard as possible, with periods of rest that prepare you for the next effort.

Vinyasa Yoga

Often described as a moving meditation, Vinyasa is a dynamic breath-focused practice that utilizes sun salutations to link intelligently sequenced poses into a continuously flowing organic whole. The Vinyasa experience sustains clarity of focus and builds inner heat as it develops strength and flexibility in equal proportion. The result is improved balance, resilience and endurance.